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    Tiny House Architects & Builders-

    Tiny ECO Homes UK Ltd.

    This company specialises in producing road legal tiny houses. They create bespoke designs for their clients and even have an architect on hand to to help in the design process.  They also offer courses in building your own tiny house!

    Tiny ECO Homes UK


    Gemma Roe – Rotunda Roundhouses Ltd.

    Gemma Roe, is a spatial designer and founder of Rotunda Roundhouses Ltd.,  a small and friendly joinery firm, which creates extraordinary, circular, timber-framed eco-buildings. Her circular creations are based on her philosophy of a dwelling which more closely reflects the natural world for a happier space and lifestyle. Her company builds and installs throughout Europe and the UK.

    Rotunda Roundhouses, Ltd.


    Sam Booth – Echo Living

    Sam’s clean, contemporary designs feature hand-built structures and fixtures with an eye towards sustainable materials. They contain elements of playfulness and originality. His 30+ years of building experience, and his mission to “Build small, build smart, build beautiful,” has made him a trailblazer in the world of small space living. His work has been featured in several international architectural and design publications.

    Echo Living


    Niall Burke – Humble Homes

    This Northern Ireland-based builder sells plans for Tiny Houses which include the foundation plans and schematic for electrical wiring. His plans are both innovative and reasonably priced. Be sure to check his online blog.
    Humble Homes


    Jonathan Avery – Tiny House Scotland

    Jonathan’s designs are clean, attractive and highly functional. His ‘Neesthouse’ was chosen for the Social Bite Homeless Tiny House Village in Edinburgh.

    Tiny House Scotland


    Mark Burton – Tiny House UK
    One of the most well-known tiny house builders, Mark Burton produces structures known for their quality and will build them onsite. He also offers a kit for tiny homes which allow the client to design the interior space to their liking.
    Tiny House UK


    Ric Frankland – Wudl   (formerly dwelle)

    Ric Frankland, a seasoned architect has created at least three models of varying size and design for tiny houses, including a mobile version. The homes are built from a kit, but many features can be customised. The homes are affordable and sustainable in both building and function.



    The Wee House Company

    Based on the west coast of Scotland, The Wee House Company builds cleverly designed  tiny houses that have a warm welcoming feel and sustainability.

    The Wee House Company


    Shepherd Huts & Caravans

    Barrel Top Wagons

    Based in Devon, Barrel Top Wagons builds lovely wagons and cabins for a variety of uses from studios and parental annexes to glamping and even permanent dwellings. They were established in 2011 and use sustainable British timber for their structures and will assist with planning applications.

    Barrel Top Wagon


    Blackdown Shepherd Huts

    Lovely, bespoke shepherd huts, which are also available in a kit for a money-saving option to build yourself!

    Blackdown Shepherd Huts

    Fernhills Huts and Wagon Builders

    Fernhills’ caravan range includes a Vardo Caravan and Mini Showman Caravan which are the perfect size for a Shepherd’s Hut at 4.6 meters in length. Beautiful designs with great use of interior space and built to last!

    Fernhills Gypsy Caravan Builders


    Roundhill Shepherd Huts

    Based in Chichester, each hut is a bespoke creation. They are especially known for their custom painted murals on the ceilings and interiors of their huts. Each one is truly a work of art!

    Roundhill Shepherd Huts




    There are several lending institutions which will finance narrowboats, those listed below are known for special loans on various types of houseboats.

    Arkle Finance Ltd.

    Barclay’s Marine Finance

    Collidge & Partners


    Studio Flats

    With small flats, there is often a minimum square metre requirement imposed (usually 30 sq.m)  before money will be lent. Some financiers are willing to lend money on dwellings smaller than this, and they are listed below.  If you find other lenders willing to work with qualified buyers on small dwellings please email us at



    Woolwich (Barclay’s)


    Furniture & Appliances-

    Clei Compact Living Solutions

    Based in the UK, Clei Compact Living Solutions sells ready-made Murphy beds and fold down beds. Many are multi-purpose, serving as desks or dining tables which fold down into a bed. They also offer a unique swivel bed option.

    Clei Compact Living Solutions


    Peter Dunham – Dunham Fitted Furniture

    This bespoke furniture maker with over 20 years of experience, can help you maximise space with creative furniture pieces and customised cabinetry.
    Dunham Fitted Furniture



    ABC Boat Sales
    ABC Leisure Group has been building boats for over 40 years and provides full marina services to those who live on and travel the canals. They own nine strategically placed marinas.
    ABC Boat Sales

    Boatshed Grand Union

    Boatshed has 700,000 registered boat buyers and personally visits every boat they list, taking a plethora of photographs and videos which are available online to registered users anywhere in the world.

    Grand Union Boatshed


    Studio Flats-

    The Collective – Communal Living at Old Oak

    This property group is redefining the way we think about living in London. They offer small studio flats, with phenomenal communal areas for socialising, dining, working out and relaxing, including a rooftop terrace.  They are contemporary and remarkably affordable.

    The Collective


    Holiday Rentals for a Tiny Experience-

    Avril Berry and Alan Fraser – Roulotte Retreat
    This husband and wife team has a fleet of beautifully decorated French roulottes for a weekend or holiday let, which have been handcrafted in Provence. Their location near the Eildon Hills of the Scottish Borders area is perfect for a chance to get close to nature while enjoying local wildlife.
    Roulotte Retreat


    Material Suppliers-

    Holman Specialist Paints-

    Specialised coatings for wood, metal, floors and creating textured surfaces, along with a knowledgable staff to offer advice on painting techniques.

    Holman Paints


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