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    Dwellings –

    Canal Boats / Narrowboats –
    Scottish Canals –This great organization is your friend when it comes to navigating the waters of home ownership on the water. It looks after the five Scottish canals with an eye towards conservation. The website contains a wealth of practical information on narrowboat/canal boat living as well as all the latest news pertaining to boat ownership.

    Inland Waterways Association (IWA) – This non-profit organization works to preserve the canals of Great Britain and contains tons of useful links for the boat owner.

    Canal Junction – A website dedicated to the pursuit of narrowboat living. Maintained by narrowboat owners who have been living on the water since 1995. Written by boat owners for boat owners and those who would like to be.



    Reforesting Scotland – A non-profit organization which encourages the interaction of people with the forest culture, including the tradition of hut building as a way to experience the natural world with minimal impact on the environment.

    Hut Building Guidance from Thousand Huts – This guide can be downloaded from the website and details the best practices for hut building that is within the framework of the Scottish Planning Policy.


    Roulottes and Caravans-

    The Caravan Club –
    This website contains a forum for caravan owners, links to caravan holidays in the UK, links to insurance providers and training courses for the caravan owner.


    Studio Flats-

    Home Buying Process Guide –
    This site provides practical advice on the entire home-buying process from start to finish for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and provides a separate link for Scotland. Once on the site, enter “Home buying process – a money timeline” in the search box for this helpful guide.

    This website has information on both leasing or buying your own flat, purchasing insurance, settling disputes, energy efficiency in a multi-family building, and a plethora of useful links for the flat dweller.


    Tiny Houses –

    Technical Handbook – Domestic
    These guidelines, (available online) are the place to start for planning any tiny house structure in Scotland. They will help to ensure that your plans are within the legal parameters and hopefully avoid frustration later when obtaining planning approval. (click on Technical Handbooks/Domestic)

    Technical Handbook  – Planning and Building – UK
    This website gives information on when planning approval is required as well as a link for your local planning authority.


    Energy Sources –

    Solar Power-

    Solar Power Portal-
    Solar Power Portal has all the latest news on solar energy, a listing of events for off-the-grid solar and an extensive list of solar energy vendors.


    Wind Power-

    This group works to support change in policy for wind, wave and tidal energy as viable energy resources in the UK. It also has information for individuals wanting to employ the use of wind power for domestic use.


    Masonry Stoves-

    These woodburning stoves employ the use of ceramic tiles to radiate heat evenly throughout the room, and burn the wood cleanly and efficiently, with one stick of wood providing heat for several hours. They come in all styles and sizes, including diminutive ones for small spaces. For more information and photos, see the website below.


    Books –

    “Living Afloat” – published by the Residential Boat Owners Association, authors C. Valerie Lee, Beryl McDowall.
    A comprehensive book with practical information regarding living on the waterways.

    “The Not So Big House” – Sarah Susanka, English born author and architect from Kent, has written a whole series of books about “building better, not bigger.” Based in America, she is frequently credited as the catalyst for the tiny house movement in the U.S.

    Videos –

    Cob Building Process from Start to Finish

    Though this video is set in the U.S., it gives a good overview of the entire process of building with cob.


    Cob Building Class with Edwards & Eve

    This video features Kate Edwards, a cob building expert from Norfolk teaching a class in cob building.


    “The EcoScene Revolution” by Sarah Peake
    This 20 minute documentary explores the economics and practicality of the move for smaller, more affordable housing and features several authoritative figures, including Tiny House builder Mark Burton and member of parliament, Zac Goldsmith.