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    A Holiday Wish…

      Wherever you call home, And however you celebrate, Wishing you a wonderful holiday And a blessed New Year!   -Tiny Living Magazine

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    Bristol Harbour Boat Parade!

    Bristol will be the scene of a magical holiday celebration of houseboats and other watercraft, strung with colourful  Christmas lights as they cruise through the Harbour on 10 December from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.  Don’t miss it!

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    Exciting Tiny House Project is Backed By Leonardo DiCaprio

    Granton, a northern district of Edinburgh, will be the site for a groundbreaking new project, designed to help the homeless by providing them with tiny houses. They will live in the houses for one year while learning new skills to

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    Courses for Building Your Own Tiny House

    See our article on courses at the Centre for Alternative Technology here: Learn to Build Your Own Tiny House…and Much More!   The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), based in Wales, offers education on practical solu

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    Small is Beautiful Festival to Be Held in June!

    The ‘Small is Beautiful Festival 2016’ recently took place in Wales in September. The focus of the festival was on minimising our footprint.  Workshops were held and lectures given on how to accomplish this in our everyday li

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    Farm Business Show Provides Inspiration for Alternative Dwellings

    The Farm Business Innovation Show, to be held in Birmingham, will feature over 300 exhibitors, including The Welsh Den Company featured here in Tiny Living Magazine. The show takes place the 9th and 10th of November in Birmingham

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    My (Part-Time) Paris Life

    My (Part-Time) Paris Life is the story of how a young woman rebuilt her life after the death of her mother by taking risks for the first time. Based on her blog of the same name, Lisa Anselmo delivers a charming story of making l

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    The Smartflower Pop – Innovative Solar

    The Smartflower Pop is drawing lots of attention these days. This innovative solar system for homes and businesses has “petals” which function as solar panels. The panels automatically rotate to absorb the most sun, much the s

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    Proposed Tiny House in Oxfordshire Sparks Debate

    In Oxfordshire, a property developer is seeking permission to build a 35 sq.m home. This article which ran in the Mirror on July 15, states that Mark Keely wants to build a two-story micro home that will be sandwiched between two

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    Jonathan Avery of Tiny House Scotland Nominated

    Jonathan Avery, who was featured in our June issue of Tiny Living Magazine, has been nominated for an award at ECOFEST UK. The event will be held Sunday, 10th July, at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle upon Tyne and will feature


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