General Service Agreement For Full Page Advertisement

    General Service Agreement For Full Page Advertisement

    In consideration of mutual agreement and benefit, the CONTRACTOR identified as Tiny Living Productions, Ltd., trading as Tiny Living Magazine and the client, identified as the ADVERTISER, agree on the following terms.

    The ADVERTISER agrees to pay £300.00 to TINY LIVING PRODUCTIONS, LTD. in exchange for a full page advertisement appearing in the following:

    1 PRINTED publication of Tiny Living Magazine
    3 ONLINE publications of Tiny Living Magazine
    1 PERMANENT LISTING on Tiny Living Magazine Marketplace Resources, so long as the magazine exists.
    1 MENTION on 2 social media websites.

    This does NOT include the designing of the advertisement to be displayed, unless otherwise agreed upon by both CONTRACTOR and ADVERTISER. An additional fee may be required to design an advertisement on behalf of the advertiser and shall be governed under a separate contract.

    No guarantee of increased commerce for the ADVERTISER is expressed or implied by the act of advertising with Tiny Living Magazine.

    Payment by the ADVERTISER for the above listed advertising exposure is due upon acceptance of the contract, and must be remitted immediately in order to plan space within the publications.

    Cancellation by the ADVERTISER must be sent electronically to: TinyLivingMagazine@gmail.com, and received 15 days before publication date, which is the 1st day of each month.

    I, the ADVERTISER, will acknowledge that I have read, understood and agreed to the above conditions of this agreement during the checkout process.