Agreement for Advertisement Design

    The client agrees to pay £25 to Tiny Living Productions, Ltd. for the purpose of AD DESIGN to be used in Tiny Living Magazine ONLINE and PRINT versions.

    The client agrees to supply Tiny Living Productions, Ltd. with photo(s), logos and any specialised fonts or design elements to be used in the design of the advertisement.

    Tiny Living Productions, Ltd. will submit a proof of the advertisement for approval to the client. All corrections that are the responsibility of Tiny Living Productions, Ltd., will be made free of charge to the client. The client may make up to three revisions to the advertisement, in order to ensure their satisfaction with the product.

    The advertisement will be produced in a timely manner, but please allow two weeks for the design to be completed.

    If Tiny Living Productions, Ltd., is unable to produce an advertisement for the client, due to low resolution photography or logos, or otherwise unresolved technical issues, a full refund will be granted to the client.

    The client will acknowledge that I they have read, understood and agreed to the above conditions of this agreement during the checkout process.