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    There is an intriguing new living system that has appeared on the tiny house landscape.  The Ecocapsule, is an exciting new option for individuals wanting to downsize, while maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.


    The Ecocapsule is built in the Slovak Republic, but is available to be shipped to anywhere in Europe, including the UK.


    Though Slovakia is perhaps not as well-known as many other European countries, it is a land of exceptional beauty. And from this beautiful, tiny country, has come a beautiful tiny house.


    Created by architects and designers, it has a very sleek contemporary appearance. And despite its small size of just a bit more than 11 square meters, it seems surprisingly more spacious inside. It’s roughly comparable to the size of a container home and offers a dining/work space, sleep space and shower room. Another major plus is that it utilizes both solar and wind power and has a rainwater collection system, but it can also function with conventional energy sources when necessary.


    The Ecocapsule also comes equipped with small wheels for transporting and even has a hook on the roof so that it can be lifted with a crane.


    The first generation of Ecocapsules are currently being produced and shipped. There will be 50 in all produced, before a second generation is introduced in early 2017, which will be unlimited. The company predicts that the price of the second generation will be more inexpensive.



    You can learn more about The Ecocapsule by visiting their website at