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    June, 2016

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    Building in Circles

    Sam Booth in his workshop.     Would you live in a round house?  Aside from the obvious problem of trying to find a corner in which to hide, this style of building has become extremely popular on the Pacific coast of th

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    The Collective Mindset – London Done Differently

        Close your eyes and imagine a magical place… a place where hundreds of people can live in the heart of London and yet have access to outdoor spaces; where privacy can be enjoyed, but camaraderie and socialising are

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    Small Appliances for Small Spaces

    The kitchen area is sometimes one of the most daunting areas to think of in terms of small space. The idea of not having the capability to whip up a 14-course meal and serve mammoth trays of hors d’oeuvre is almost frightening t

    June 3, 2016 Comments(0)

    A Narrow Escape (JUNE – 2016)

    Author Peggy Melmoth relaxing aboard her floating home near London. Anyone who has ever seen the movie, “Houseboat,” starring Cary Grant and Sophia Loren, has probably fallen in love with the idea of living on the water. They

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    The House That Jonathan Built (JUNE – 2016)

    Left: The Nesthouse, Jonathan Avery’s tiny house creation features lots of charm with practical functionality. Avery’s designs can be viewed at -Photo ©Jonathan Avery 2016. Above: Avery in his own kit

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    Be Cool. (JUNE – 2016)

    One of the advantages of living in a small space is that it’s easier to heat and cool. But even a small space can become extraordinarily uncomfortable in temperatures hovering above 32 degrees. Although people flock to sunny sh